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GSMF's 18th Season Begins June 1, 2022

Little did I know when I the idea came to me in the spring of 2005 to organize a few summer concerts that 17 years later we'd still be at it! On June 1 we begin our 18th summer "festival" of Wednesday concerts, with "friends making music for friends."

We have a wonderfully diverse lineup, with local favorites like pianist Claude Cymerman, blues legend Tad Robinson, the composer/improviser Cathie Malach, Percussion Group DePauw, Steve Snyder, etc. Joining us for the first time will be the virtuoso violinist Zachary DePue, who has gone on to an international solo and chamber career after serving as the concertmaster of the Indianapolis Symphony for many years. Violist Michael Strauss returns after many years. The early-music group "The Vivaldi Project" returns to celebrate the classical string trio. Pianist John Kamfonas, an amazing improviser and classical pianist, is coming to us from his home base in Paris.

It's going to be an exciting summer, and I so look forward to seeing you there.


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