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Ways to Give

Greencastle Summer Music Festival relies on the generous support of music-lovers like you. If you are interested in becoming a supporting member of GSMF, please click the link below to receive a tax-deductable donation form. Your contribution allows GSMF to continue its mission to bring professional musicians from across the globe to perform free concerts right here in our own community. Together we can we can bring positive change through the power of the arts!  

Donate Online

Corporate Sponsorship 

If you are a local business who would like to become a corporate sponsor of our series, please contact Eric Edberg at

Thanks To Our Sponsors!

Thanks to our 2021 family of donors!

21 in 21 Champions” $2100+


This could be you!


Concert Underwriters $1000+


Eric Edberg and Jiawei Fang, in memory of Judith and Hugo Edberg


Steve and Linda Raines, in honor of Dorothy Brown


Bill and Lucy Wieland, in thanksgiving for life, health, and the arts


Concertmasters $500+


Stuart Fabe and Marla Helton


Barbara Jackson


Gary and Sue Lemon, in memory of Ralph Gray


David and Sue Murray


First Chairs $250+


Lisa and David Kaplan,

in honor of Paul and Joanne Kissinger


Erik and Carol Krag,

 in honor of musicians and live concerts


Whitney and Jack Morrill


Charity Pankratz, in honor of Louise Reineike


Robert and Beverly Parsons,

in memory of Betsy E. Parsons


Joyce Smidely, in honor of Rev. Kathi Elliot


Virtuosos $100+


Steve Aker and Vicki Timm


Tom and Susie Bates


John and Barbara Bergen


David and Jayne Bray


Marthe Chandler, in memory of Gwyn Williams


Bill and Kathryn Dory


Chris and Jill Drombowski


Katherine Newkirk


Carl Huffman and Martha Rainbolt


Mary Ellen Hugard


James and Carol Mannon


Janet Musser, in memory of Thomas Musser


Martha Opdahl


Lane and Ruth Ralph


Lee and Susan Stuart


Troubadours $1-99


Collins Evans Real Estate, in memory

of Sharon C .Evans


Paula Evans and Chet Fornari


Joanne Kissinger, in memory of Paul B. Kissinger


Diana LaViolette


Judith Magyar,

 in memory of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Colby


Richard Michael

Ann K. Newton, in memory of Robert Newton


Marjorie Smith, in honor of Dan L. Smith


Richard and Sally Sunkel

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